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The well-being of clients is of maximum importance to the firm. We will help walk you through the guardianship process. 

The Owens Law Firm represents clients in guardianship and conservatorship matters.  These matters can be difficult on family members or other interested parties but are necessary to protect the individual’s physical and financial well-being.  We are available to discuss the responsibilities of each process and the procedure for obtaining the necessary court orders.  We also consult individuals and family members on how to avoid needing to obtain guardianship or conservatorship order over another individual.

The Firm also represents out-of-state clients who need to domesticate their out-of-state conservatorship orders in order to transfer property within Arizona or to allow Arizona courts to recognize existing court orders from other states.

To contact The Owens Law Firm, please click here or call (928) 472-4303.

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